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Netus et malesuada fames ac. Eget gravida cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.

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About the project

Gift for the 100th Anniversary of St John Paul II’s birth

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As the 100th anniversary of the birth
of Karol Wojtyła approaches, our response to his call to once again accept the whole of the spiritual legacy “with the faith, hope and charity”,

will be to create a lasting monument from our hearts and minds composed of prayers, charity, and academic, artistic, educational and formative initiatives that shape this spiritual legacy.

The challenges which face the Church and the world, call for a response that draws upon Gospel values – a bold and firm response. There is no greater inspiration to be found in confronting these challenges than John Paul II’s message to his fellow countrymen.

Every prayer, creative idea, initiative and action by individuals or community groups is precious!

Our Church and our world need them! The organisers will record them in a book, which we will offer up in the Sanctuary of St John Paul II on the day of his 100th birthday. So consider, Brothers and Sisters, how you will contribute to this work building up the common good and solidarity – a gift for John Paul II.

The organisers of the “Gift for a Century” project, commemorating the anniversary of the birth of John Paul II appeal to every person and community to join in this initiative.

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